Additional Services
Cases outside of Madison and St. Clair

Clinton, Monroe, Bond Counties: $275 additional

Washington, Jersey, Macoupin Counties: $400 additional.

Finishing/correcting self-represented divorces:

I can finish the divorce you started pro se or correct the paperwork that you tried to file that the judge rejected

900-1500 plus any court costs
Quit Claim Deeds

If you have a copy of the deed or can get it. Add $35 for obtaining the deed for you.

Review of another attorney's paperwork for an uncontested divoce in the Metro East

Additional Changes

Additional rounds of changes after the 4th set

Additional phone conference or Zoom meeting

If you really need a call, rather than working by email.

9 AM - 5 PM M-TH: 225
9 AM - 2 PM F: 225
5 PM -8 PM M-TH: 400

If you choose me as your mediator, I am automatically excluded from being your divorce lawyer.

Zoom: $500 for the first hour, $250 per hour thereafter
In Person, at the O'Fallon Office only: add $25 per hour.
Appointment outside of business hours

I will meet, call or Zoom with you after hours or on the weekend, but my cats demand extra kibbles and treats.

Name Change
To a former or maiden name, adults only

Name Change
Adults only, to a new name, without a divorce. Starts at

Parenting Plan Revisions

Revising your parenting plan to reflect your new agreements

Parenting Plan without a divorce (for never-married couples)

Creating your parenting plan to reflect parenting in 2 houses for never-married couples.

In person meetings

O'Fallon Office: 325
Edwardsville Office: 400

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